Why You SHOULDN'T Get a Bunny

As much as we would love for rabbit owners to rival the number of cat & dog owners across the world, they aren't for everyone. If you're thinking of adding a cute little bun to your family, make sure you know what you're taking on. 

1. They are NOT low maintenance 

In addition to unconditional love, you'll need to provide daily litter box cleanings, fresh greens, enrichment, and much more. Every bunny is different, and going above and beyond in care is what brings out their unique traits. While a rabbit can technically survive on pellet food in a hutch, such a life only coops up their brilliant personality. The happiest buns are the ones that get to live life socializing with you throughout the day. 

2. They will chew everything

chestnut baby lion head rabbit chewing on vine ball toy

Bunnies love to taste test everything from baseboards to your kitchen table, and they can sense your fear for your belongings. You'll need to bunny proof any rooms your fluff ball has access to, and test shopping carts full of chew toys till you find one they like more than your couch. (We have a few recommendations)

3. They are expensive $$$

Bunnies are not a cheap alternative to a larger pet, unless you're considering buying a horse instead. Their vet bills can rival those of cats and dogs, not to mention the toys, pellets, hay, treats, and bedding you'll need to supply monthly. 

4. They love playing hard to get

Everyone knows bunnies are cute - including them. Expect your bun to use this to their advantage by refusing to be held and hiding behind your shelving. Though some people are blessed with a cuddly bun, you must be prepared to love even the most ornery of rabbits when you adopt.  

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