Your Little Beast's dream house awaits.
Your Little Beast's dream house awaits.

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The reviews are in

My piggies were so excited about the tunnel! They started popcorning around the cage once I put it in. Will probably order another tunnel soon!


My buns love these. Oh my goodness. They love to throw then, scoot them and then eat them. Awesome toy. Great idea. Will buy more.


My buns normally don’t chew on loofahs, but they absolutely love these!!!!


Everything was a big hit with my buns! They especially love the throw cubes I’ll definitely be buying more toys for them here!

Jessica Siorek

My buns LOVE these chews. They toss them around for a bit, then get down to business. They last a decent while too. Definitely buying more!

Arriana Popovitch

Little beast treats never misses! Our bun Dash is so picky with his toys but he loves his fruit flavored ones from here!


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