No One Talks About Hay: Why Your Bunny Hates It

No one ever talks about hay

When it comes to rabbits, one of the most common diet issues is their refusal to munch on some Timothy hay. There's no single answer as to why, but there are 5. 

1. You spoil them too much

We all love our bunnies, and there's no shame in giving them treats. The trouble comes when these little pigs get to full on fruits, vegetables, and pellets to eat their hay. If you feed a hefty helping of other foods in the morning, try feeding hay first and saving dessert for later. 

2. It's the wrong hay

When hay shopping, it seems like there's dozens of options. Don't get overwhelmed. Though there are several rabbit safe hays, Timothy Hay is generally viewed as the best base for a diet. If this is exactly what your bunny turns their nose up at, don't worry. 

Hay is available as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cutting. The lower the number, the tougher and more fibrous it is. While 1st cutting may be the healthiest, it's also the brussels sprouts of the hay world. Some bunnies love it, but most prefer the softer and sweeter texture of 2nd or 3rd cutting. 

Our Heavenly Hay is 3rd cutting, and has never been refused by a bun on our watch. 

"My bunns are fed Heavenly Hay every evening. They literally binky for joy every evening knowing the routine. I feel that it helps with digestion and promotes eating of their regular Timothy hay throughout the night. I strongly support the feeding of this hay as a treat vs. sugary treat for my pair."

- Armando

3. You need to spice it up

Hay doesn't have to be all hay. Our blend contains both Timothy hay and Orchard grass. It is highly aromatic, which attracts interest as soon as the bag is opened. 

Farmed just for small pets, dried plantain and clover are woven throughout. To top it all off, we sprinkle our signature blend of herbs on top.

hay for rabbits

"I didn’t even have time to take the Hay out of the bag my little troupe of buns sniffed it out and ate all they hay in one sitting right out of the bag! That’s a win in my books." 

- Laura

4. It's boring

When you brought your bun home, you probably didn't know how much of your time and energy would go into providing enrichment. So why slack off with hay? Try stuffing one or two of their favorite treats in a ball of hay or their hay rack. 

"High quality and wonderful scent! I mix a little in with my rabbit's everyday hay and he goes to town on it...all of it. I couldn't get him to eat much hay before I tried this."


5. It's inconvenient

It's all on you to make it as easy as possible for your rabbit to eat hay. Place their hay rack at a lower level, above their litter tray. Many buns prefer to eat and poop at the same time, so let them. 

Now that you have some tips to strategize with, put them to the test. There are dozens of hay options out there, but if you'd like to try ours, we want to make it easy. You can use code PICKYHAY for a free pack with any order - just add it to your cart here.